Anatomic Shaped Diapers

Anatomic shaped pads are comfortable and easy to use for those who decide to solve the problem of incontinence in a discreet way. Their particular anatomic shape makes it easy to wear them and guarantees freedom of movements. They can be worn with their dedicated elastic net underpants or with normal underwear in cases of light incontinence. They have side barriers and change indicators. Thanks to their high absorbing capacity, they are recommended for people with urinary and/or faecal incontinence, especially for people who can walk. The range of anatomically shaped pads are indicated to solve cases of:


- light incontinence with the “plus” or “plus long” versions

- moderate incontinence with the “super” and “extra” versions

- heavy incontinence with the “extra night” version


Available in several lines: the Pharma line is the standard version with a coloured polyethylene outer coating identifying the various degrees of absorption. The Pharmabreathable and Delicare lines are more indicated for sensitive skins, with a breathable backsheet.

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